Marketing and Media Planning Services


We strategically research your market by visiting your business site, evaluating your competition, your audience’s demographics and circulation of available media outlets.

  • Consumer Research & Insights
  • New Brand Creative Strategy
  • Re-Branding Creative Strategy
  • Brand Graphics & Copy Development


We have served clients in major markets nationwide and consider ourselves as experts in all aspects of the media world, online and offline, traditional and ambient, local and national. Once your specific media plan is determined and agreed upon, our media planning and buying experts will help you move forward with marketing services that include negotiating rates and ad placement. We do plenty of media buying for our clients, which in turn help you benefit from our volume discount rates and negotiating skills.


Being found online is critical to every business and organization today. It takes a solid SEO focused website, social media activity and other digital components to be found online.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimization

Public Relations & Event Management

There’s a story behind every brand that goes beyond traditional advertising. Sometimes it’s a product launch. Sometimes it’s a corporate sponsorship. Other times, it’s such exciting news that you simply need to get the word out. No matter what news you have to share, we can help. We recommend sponsorships and plan events that give companies a platform from which they can increase sales and achieve higher corporate visibility. Sponsorships can improve the bottom line of a company or brand by allowing the consumer’s mind to form a link between the sponsor and the sponsored event. This mental link can be used to win a larger share of the target market and retain it efficiently. This success can only come from the right “marketing and PR” services being put into place.

  • Strategic Communications and Editorial Development
  • Celebrity Gift Lounges
  • Trade Show Events
  • Product Presentations on TV Segments


Once we’ve outlined which tactics and markets are right for your brand, we create a look, feel and voice that is attractive, insightful and targeted no matter what the chosen media is.

  • Print and Outdoor Advertising
  • TV and Radio Commercials
  • Product Catalogs, Brochures & E-Brochures
  • Logo Development
  • Collateral and Point-of-Sale Materials

Promotional Items

Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective media available to advertisers. They’re tangible, useful and highly targeted to the audience they reach, delivering the highest rate of recall and return on investment. Imagine your message being delivered by a t-shirt, pen or mug, creating a personal experience people love with a product they can actually use.  Promotional products leave a lasting impression.


Don’t knock it until you try it—billboards remain a powerful platform for sharing your brand with local potential customers. Even in a highly digital age, leading innovators like Apple and Google cover the world with billboard advertising, right down to the heart of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Here in Chicago, AdTime Marketing Inc. has helped our corporate clients successfully share their message with commuters thanks to the power of the good old-fashioned billboard. If you’re already looking for billboard space, contact our team for targeted location recommendations and bookings based on our firsthand experience, or simply get in touch if you’d like to know more about billboards in relation to your company brand.

Out of home marketing methods

In marketing vocabulary today, billboards fall into the category of “out of home” marketing (OOH). In fact, over half of this marketing segment is made up of the nearly 400,000 billboards scattered across the country. According to a recent survey from The Hustle, Chicago ranks third in the country for total billboard marketing spending at $232 million. That’s a serious impact! Only New York City and Los Angeles spend more per year on this form of advertising. Clearly, this platform for advertising is alive and well in our city, and our team is ready to help you find the best places where your customers are commuting to work and school. In this case, we’ll help you make traffic your friend, brightening up the road with your message.

Mobile billboards

The digital advertising space is increasingly competitive and saturated. Consumers ignore ads on their smart devices in an overwhelmingly large online space. Across industries, a new trend (or perhaps the return to an older one) is emerging: offline events. Digital media and advertising is leveraged to support and promote a blend of online and offline campaigns. Real-life events and activities draw interest more effectively than a banner ad on a website.

That’s where mobile billboards step in. AdTime Marketing Inc. can help you develop a Media Plan that includes on-site mobile billboards at local events or specific places that your ideal potential customers visit, giving them helpful information and raising awareness about your brand among the people who are most likely to need your products and services.

Create a comprehensive advertising plan with our help

AdTime Marketing Inc. treats all clients with the unique and personalized attention their brands deserve. Our solutions are tailored to serve your company goals and reach your target audience as well as scalable based on your budget and needs. From full-service marketing plans implemented with a focus on detail to ad hoc campaign support or consulting, our marketing team has the expertise you need without the cost and commitment of hiring your own full-time marketing department. Whether your business is a team of one or 1,000, you can call us today for just the right level of advertising support.

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