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Driving Change with MADD: Patriot Motors’ Commitment to Safer Roads

On May 31, 2024, a pivotal collaboration unfolded in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, as Patriot Motors and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) united forces to launch their joint initiative, “Driving Change with MADD.” This innovative program aims to raise awareness and combat the pervasive issue of drunk and impaired driving, marking a significant step forward in community safety.

Patriot Motors

The Partnership Unveiled

At a well-attended press conference, key figures including Shawn Kohli, Owner of Patriot Motors, and Stacey D. Stewart, CEO of MADD, unveiled the details of their partnership. Patriot Motors pledged to donate $50 to MADD for every new, used, or leased vehicle sold—a commitment that underscores their dedication to making a tangible impact in the fight against impaired driving.

Patriot Motors

A Community United

Representatives from MADD, alongside local dignitaries from the city of Sturgeon Bay and the State of Wisconsin, gathered to emphasize the importance of collective action. Mayor David J. Ward Ph.D., in his remarks, highlighted the sobering statistics: 59 DWI arrests in Sturgeon Bay alone last year, reflecting a nationwide concern that demands proactive measures.

Patriot Motors

Raising Awareness, Saving Lives

Stacey D. Stewart passionately addressed the audience, citing alarming statistics—such as a preventable drunk driving fatality occurring every 39 minutes—and emphasizing MADD’s ongoing efforts to prevent such tragedies. She commended Patriot Motors for their leadership in amplifying MADD’s mission and fostering a safer driving culture.

Patriot Motors

A Call to Action

The “Driving Change with MADD” initiative not only aims to combat drunk and drugged driving but also supports victims of these preventable crimes and promotes responsible decision-making among drivers. By partnering with MADD, Patriot Motors is not only enhancing community safety in Sturgeon Bay but also setting a precedent for proactive corporate responsibility.

Patriot Motors

Get Involved

To learn more about how you can support the “Driving Change with MADD” initiative and contribute to safer roads in your community, visit and Together, we can make a difference and save lives.
The collaboration between Patriot Motors and MADD marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing fight against drunk driving. With their combined efforts and unwavering commitment, they are driving meaningful change and setting an example for businesses and communities nationwide. Join us in supporting this crucial cause and together, let’s make our roads safer for everyone.

Patriot Motors

Stay Informed

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for updates on the “Driving Change with MADD” initiative and other community-driven initiatives by Patriot Motors. We are preparing to extend this event to additional locations soon. Please stay informed through your local Patriot Motors for forthcoming details.

This blog post highlights the collaboration between Patriot Motors and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in their initiative to combat drunk and impaired driving in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and beyond.