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out of town


What is Out Of Home Advertising?

Out of home advertising (OOH), as the name suggests, targets consumers outside of their houses. This includes billboards, bus shelters, train platforms, and everything in between. Even in our increasingly digital world, outdoor advertisements continue to be an effective marketing medium because of their unavoidable nature & visual contrast to the real-world.

What Are the Benefits of OOH?

Despite digital advertising taking center stage over the last few years, OOH advertising is unique in that it can’t be “turned off.” This ensures that consumers will see your campaign, and that may be all you need, as 55% of those who see OOH advertisements say they are ‘highly engaged’ by them. (1) When you consider that Americans spend an average of 300 hours per year in their cars and 105 minutes per day on public transportation, the value of out of home advertising becomes apparent. (2) Still, out of home advertising is impactful when combined with digital advertising, as a study found that consumers are 48% more likely to interact with digital advertisements when exposed to an OOH ad first (3). By reconciling digital and outdoor advertising, you can maximize your exposure and impact.

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