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Bus Shelter

Billboard Advertising

Billboards (both traditional and digital) are large advertising displays you typically find along highways, busy streets, or in urban areas. They serve as a powerful medium for promoting your products, services, or messages to a wider audience. The key to a billboard’s effectiveness lies in its strategic placement, which allows it to capture the attention of commuters and passersby. With their bold visuals, concise messaging, and prominent locations, billboards can create lasting impressions and reinforce brand awareness for years to come. You can also opt for mobile billboards, which are placed on trucks and trailers. Their non-stationary nature makes them an attractive option for those trying to reach audiences over a wider region, as each truck can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. (4)


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Transit Advertising

Transit advertising, which includes ads on bus shelters, train platforms, buses, trains, and other transportation mediums, is a dynamic and highly impactful form of out-of-home advertising. It capitalizes on the constant movement of people within urban environments, reaching a diverse and captive audience. The strategic placement of these ads at transportation hubs and busy routes ensures exposure to both commuters and pedestrians. Transit ads have the advantage of engaging potential customers during their daily routines, which offers a unique opportunity to build brand awareness. With eye-catching visuals and concise messaging, these advertisements can leave a lasting impact on viewers during their dwell times, making them more likely to recall and act on the advertisement later on.




AdTime Marketing: Your OOH Experts

Out of home advertising has survived decades of cultural shifts, economic downfalls, and digital innovations. Combined with the fact that spending on OOH campaigns is increasing every year, it’s safe to say that this medium is here to stay (5). Whether you are considering advertising on a billboard, bus shelter, or both, AdTime Marketing is here to help.

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